Chancellor’s Message

“I am honored to welcome the students, parents, and community stakeholders, as well as the academic and administrative staff, whom I bestow my leadership and governance responsibilities and act upon on behalf of the Board of Trustees (BOT) and the Executive Committee (EC). The UOF is a vibrant academic institution that is keen to embark on a continuous process improvement model. It executes a remarkable higher educational leadership and implements a measurable support system by establishing its overall strategic directions toward achieving the university mission, in particular, and strengthens its educational leadership visibility and reputation as one of the excellent Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) leaders in Fujairah, other Emirates, the GCC countries, and the neighboring regions in general.”

My role in context as a Chancellor is to emphasize the significant character and work behavior of faculty and staff that every one of us must display to advance the teaching and learning process for a renowned University of Fujairah (UOF). By valuing ethical work behavior of the academic program implementors assure that the university stands in quality and teaching excellence. The current and prospective students and graduates, whom they are recipients of excellence in instruction, also endeavor a rigor in demonstrating academic skills that made them successful in their respective academic careers; mold them as mature graduates with the appropriate skills and competency match with the industry-workplace competency requirements.

Under my leadership, I assure you that the core faculty of each program work hard to offer students an excellent learning culture; to craft and deliver competency learning framework away from the classical lecture-based classes; to support students to discover their passions and provide constant and robust academic guidance in successfully achieving their academic program path. This approach, therefore, embarks teaching and learning excellence that is outcome-based and re-assure the learning competency achievements of students.

UOF enunciates its vision and strategic directions and aspires to be “a leading higher education institution in academic excellence that provides quality applied education, builds skills that set well-rounded graduates up for success, and be prepared for the disruption of the digital workplace in the UAE and the global world”. We shall continue to enhance partnership with local, regional, and international academic institutions and industrial firms; employ well qualified and competent academic staff who are utilizing the modern and most advanced level of teaching and learning tools that systematically draws excellent delivery of educational support and impact classroom-based action researches.

We, therefore, continue to deliver quality academic programs guided by the internal quality assurance mechanisms and accreditation standards. We embark on our commitment to provide a quality learning environment, state-of-the-art lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories furnished with modern equipment and latest teaching and learning tools, research instruments, simulation laboratories, and various resources for university researches; continue to implement synchronous and asynchronous e-learning modes that boost the research activities and faculty publication; foster efficient academic outputs, and elevate the competitiveness of our graduates in the labor market by offering highly demanded academic programs benchmarked from the industry competency requirements that add value to their employment, in particular, and achievements of program goals and university mission in general.