Strategic Plan

 A. Vision

The UOF is a leading higher education institution in academic excellence that provides quality applied education, builds skills that set well-rounded graduates up for success, and be prepared for the disruption of the digital workplace in the UAE and the global world.

B. Mission

The UOF will continue to:

  • Provide quality applied multi-disciplinary educational programs for both working and non-working students in the Fujairah, other Emirates, the GCC countries, and the neighboring regions.
  • Provide learning opportunities for all students with the most appropriate learning technologies which build analytical, communication, and constructive thinking skills that set well-rounded graduates up for success. ‎
  • Build competent innovators and business leaders who are prepared for the disruption of the digital workplace in the UAE toward enhancing investment and employment opportunities in Fujairah and other Emirates.
  • Establish innovative and productive engagement mechanisms with the government institutions, civic organizations, and business-industry-employers of graduates
  • Foster applied research to effectively contribute to the socio-economic conditions of the local and national communities.

C. Strategic Goals

UOF shall strive to:

  1. Maximize the use of technology.
  2. Extend education excellence.
  3. Enhance community engagement.
  4. Foster interactive and successful research community.
  5. Enhance campus Culture for service excellence.

D. Strategic Objectives

Goals Objectives
Goal 1 1.    Conversion of Existing IT System into Higher Education perspective IT Cloud Ecosystem to meet the requirements of e-Learning mode
2.    Build IT Infrastructure according to ANKABUT prescription
3.    Establish a well-structured Smart Learning Platform for Online Learning Program
4.    Enhance the professional qualification of faculty, students, and staff in operationalizing the Smart Moodle Learning Management System (SM-LMS)
Goal 2 5.    Update existing academic programs to comply with the requirements of the QF-Emirates, Initial Program Accreditation (IPA), and Renewal of Program Accreditation (RPA) of all existing academic programs and other requirements of CAA such as International Accreditation of academic programs
6.    Invest in a knowledge-based economy education, and initiate new graduate and undergraduate academic programs that help accumulate   knowledge and skills necessary for innovation and entrepreneurship for fostering investment and employment in the region and the UAE
Goal 3 7.    Strengthen institutional community engagement
8.    Enhance employer’s engagement and community relations
Goal 4 9.    Develop areas of applied research that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship and contribute to investment and employment in Fujairah and the UAE
10. Improve the university’s research performance by national and international standards
Goal 5 11.    Improve campus governance
12. Identify, create, and establish Innovation and Development Projects
13. Enhance cooperation and communication
14. Increase the efficiency of campus operations
15. Enhance library services to effectively support teaching, learning, and research
16. Increase the quality and size of faculty and staff in all administrative and academic areas and develop ways to enable them to be highly productive in their core academic activities (teaching, research, and community engagement) and administrative task
17. Elevate administrative and students support services
18. Monitor and evaluate the implementation and all functions of academic and administrative, students and other support services
19. Performance review of strategic plans
20. Annual strategic planning

Core Values

UOF is driven to integrate the following IRICE core values in all its academic, administrative, and student-related business-affairs: 

Innovation. Create and implement sophisticated support programs necessary for building up competencies of graduates and impacts socio-economic and cultural developments of the community. 

Responsibility. Advance academic, administrative, and support services relevant to developing academic and professional careers of students. 

Integrity. Establish superior faculty and staff members grounded with a strong philosophy in teaching and learning and deliver outstanding academic programs. 

Collaboration. Uphold mutual linkage with various local and international industries and universities to further train students and faculty in any form of exchange programs, instructions, research, and community engagement. 

Excellence. Adoptive to quality standards at all times and advance competencies of graduates to excel in their respective academic fields.