College of Communication

The College of Communication was established in the academic year 2013/2014. Currently, the college offers one bachelor-level academic program in "Mass Communication in Public Relations". The program is a credit-hour based system, where the student must successfully complete studying (126) credit hours, equivalent to (42) academic courses, in order to obtain the bachelor’s degree. In addition, the college offers an associate diploma degree in "Public Relations", which requires successfully completing (66) credit hours, equivalent to the completion of (22) academic courses.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the College of Communication, one of the colleges of the University of Fujairah. The college endeavors quality teaching of Mass Communication in Public Relations at the bachelor's level in a healthy interactive environment and strives to enhance the competences and skills of its students and develop their cognitive abilities. The college seeks to demonstrate and crystalize the vision of the University of Fujairah through combining Emirati inveterate deep-rooted values together with creativity and innovation to provide students with scientific knowledge and capacity building in the field of communication in light of the rapid developments. The college also seeks to enrich the creativity and innovation skills through partnership with the local community.

We are committed to providing academic curriculum and content that meets our aspirations and enables our students to enter the labor market with high quality skills and competencies. In light of the vision of the University of Fujairah, we look forward to advance the College of Communication towards building partnerships at various levels by establishing cooperation with local and international universities, especially after obtaining local accreditation. Today, we are proceeding towards international accreditation, driven by the ambition that enhances determination and persistence that leads us in this direction, with the presence of distinguished faculty members who are seeking excellence and distinction fostered by creativity and innovation.

College Vision:

Quality, perfection and distinction in providing advanced educational, research and community services, with the aim of preparing innovative and creative graduates who are capable of serving their country and society with proficiency and competence.

College Mission:

The College of Communication provides an advanced educational environment for the bachelor of Mass Communication in Public Relations. The college emphasizes the quality of the educational process, scientific research and interaction with the community in a way that contributes to achieving the vision of Fujairah University.

College Goals:

  1. The College of Communication seeks to achieve the following goals:
    • Offering a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication in the Public Relations along the track of Mass Communication in Public Relations in accordance with the international quality standards.
    • Preparing qualified media cadres in Mass Communication in Public Relations capable of meeting the needs of the labor market in this field.
    • Providing a comprehensive and integrated educational environment that emphasizes the quality of teaching and learning outcomes.
    • Enhancing the Level of interaction and cooperation between the College of Communication at the University of Fujairah and media institutions in the country, community and the labor market in general.
    • Preparing students professionally and technically for the design, implementation and planning of all media and communication operations.
    • Creating critical and creative thinking in extending appropriate solutions to problems related to mass communication, public relations and advertising.
    • Qualifying graduates to pursue higher studies in media and communication in universities.

The College of Communication fully believes in the principle of social responsibility and the service of the local community. As such, the college is constantly involved in all activities in the local community of the Emirate of Fujairah on national and religious occasions and community activities. Furthermore, students are taught full courses to serve this goal such as digital social marketing course and the graduation project course. In addition, the college is keen to guide students, through the work placement course, to join public departments and private firms for field training. A training period of no less than sixteen weeks gives the students the opportunity to identify the nature of work after graduation. During this period, students and their faculty mentors are required to participate in all activities organized in the workplace, which in turn establishes a culture of community service among trainee students and achieve the social responsibility goal of the college.