College of Mass Communication & Public Relations

Public relations have become an integral part of operations of contemporary institutions. This is due to the accelerating developments in the fields of digital communication technologies used by public relations departments. As such, the need to specialize in public relations and find highly qualified people has become a urgent reality in order to elevate the level of competitiveness in the labor market.

The Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication in Public Relations provides students with relevant knowledge and equips them with the skills necessary to work as professionals in the field of public relations. Successful completion of the program will enable graduates to work in a variety of public and private sector institutions. The Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication in Public Relations at Fujairah University is characterized by the following:

  1. The Mass Communication program in Public Relations is taught in Arabic. In addition, there are a number of courses that are taught in the English, such as (Media Writing). This of course adds a unique feature to the program.
  2. The number of credit hours that the student must study in the degree is (126) credit hours, which exceeds the number of credit hours offered in similar counterpart academic institutions specialized in the field within the country. The number of specialized courses also exceeds by (30 credit hours) other counterpart programs.
  3. The Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication in Public Relations at the University of Fujairah offers courses with creative and innovative dimensions such as courses in (graphic art) and (photography), to enable students to acquire the design and photography skills necessary to complete the graduation project and other course-related projects such as (production of media materials for public relations) and (online public relations).
  4. The program also distinguished by the presence of a group of courses with an international dimension in public relations studies, such as the International Public Relations course. Besides, the program features scores of courses that establish the students well at the level of general culture and provide them  with in-depth knowledge in areas other than the field of specialization. These courses cover the areas of thought, business administration, applied sciences and technology. Examples of these courses are Logic and Critical Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Web and Multimedia courses...etc.

Program Mission:

The College of Mass Communication and Public Relations is committed to providing an educational environment compatible with local and international quality assurance standards, and providing high-quality specialized academic programs for media cadres in order for them to become capable of innovation, leadership and efficient use of digital communication technology. It also strives to enhance enhancing effective community partnership in the field of media training and scientific research to meet the needs of the labor market.

Program Goals:

  1. Offer the Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication in Public Relations in accordance with highest international standards.
  2. Prepare distinguished students in their field of specialization who are also leaders and contributors to their society.
  3. Provide an integrated educational environment that achieves the quality of teaching and learning outcomes.
  4. Enhance the level of interaction and cooperation between the College of Mass Communication and Public Relations at the University of Fujairah on one hand and media institutions in the UAE, public and private service institution, Fujairah community and labor market, on the other hand.
  5. Enhance the University’s role in producing and transferring knowledge and skills to serve the local community in Fujairah.
  6. Develop critical and creative thinking in proposing appropriate solutions to problems related to mass communication and public relations.

After successful completion of the programs, students are expected to be able to:

  • Understand the concepts, foundations and theories of media, mass communication and new media in all its branches and the human sciences associated with it. This is done through multiple learning sources, with a description of the correlational relationship between the media and communication disciplines and the legislation and professional and ethical codes of honor associated with them.
  • Apply the theoretical foundations and rules governing media work on the various fields of public relations, including the skills of media writing, translation, photography, design, media planning, programming, and production of media materials such as flyers, brochures, posters, newspapers, printed magazines, websites and documentary films.
  • Analyze problems in various aspects of communication and public relations using critical methods and propose appropriate solutions for them, utilizing various scientific, field and statistical methods for analysis and interpretation.
  • Organize activities and events, apply protocols rules and plan media campaigns, either alone or through teams.
  • Develop self-capabilities related to analyzing media contents, determine the degree of media influence on society socially and morally and activate the role of media in serving society through designing, developing and implementing scientific programs and using modern technology.

The career options for graduates of the program in the United Arab Emirates are many and varied. The study of public relations and mass communication in general has become one of the most attractive and popular majors in recent years by students and in university studies within the country. This is due to the increasing demand in the labor market to fill vacancies in this specialization. As such, numerous opportunities for work in public service institutions that deal with public relations, and business institutions in the private sector have been created.

Examples of the key roles institutions in institutions that provide job opportunities in various fields of public relations are the following:

  1. Executive directors of office and reception management in the field of corporate communication.
  2. Managers for planning and managing events and events.
  3. Journalists and writers.
  4. Protocols, etiquette and hospitality counselors.
  5. Public relations and building relationships with the masses consultants.
  6. Organizing and managing exhibitions consultants.
  7. Documentary film producers.
  8. Work in the field of advertising planning and advertising campaigns.
  9. Work in the academic and research fields as research assistants, especially in the field of public polls and consumer research.