Guidance On Grading

Course grades shall be based on results of assessment and examinations, projects and homework assignments, class participation and other factors set by the lecturer.  The syllabus for each course provides a detailed illustration of the basis for grading in each course.  Students shall receive a preliminary assessment of his/her academic performance in each course at the middle of the each semester and the final grade at the end of each semester.

To pass a course the aggregate score should be 60 or above. However, a course taken at another institution with a passing grade of P or P+ is not transferable. Transferred students will have to repeat at course at Fujairah University.

The following is the grading scale:

Grading Remarks Equivalent Points
A 4.0
B+ 3.5
B 3.0
C+ 2.5
C 2.0
D+ 1.5
D 1.0
F 0

Grading Remarks and Grading Code

Grading Remarks Grading Code
Passed P
Incomplete I
Withdrawn W
Not Counted NC
Exempted Credit Counted ECC
Transfer Credit Counted TCC
Audited AU
In Progress IP
Academic Warning A

Minimum Passing Marks

  • Where a specific minimum mark has to be achieved on an assessment component in order to pass a course and/or where this mark may be other than 50%, the percentage value and rationale for this mark must be well justified.
  • To pass a course the aggregate mark should be 60 out of 100.
  • The composite mark will comprise two elements: the marks earned in the final exam plus the marks earned during the semester (including homework, quizzes, midterm exams, projects and assignments). To pass the course you have to pass the final exam with a mark of at least 50%. Students who obtain a composite mark of greater than 60% but do not satisfy the Final Examination pass requirements will be awarded an F.