UOF Directory of Senior Management Officials


University Senior Management Officials University Designation
Prof. Sameh Ghwanmeh Chancellor
Dr. Burton A. Aggabao Executive Director, Quality Assurance and Institutional Research Affairs (QA-IRA)
Mohammed Hasan Head, Dept. of Financial Management
Ms. Aishah Hassan Mohammed Aldhanhani Coordinator, Dept. of Human Capital Management
Ismail Ibrahim Alshalkhaty Coordinator, Dept.  of Facilities Management
Mr. Yves Gabutan Dadole Head, Dept. of IT Support
Mr. Basil Bawaneh Officer, Student Counselling, Career Guidance, and Alumni Services Unit

Dept. of Student Affairs and Shared Services

Ms. Salma Yasser Elmessiny Head, Consultative Center for Continuing Education, Science, and Technology
Mr. Mohammad Jamal Ali Adaas Head, Dept. of Admission and Registration
Ms.Marwah Ghanem Alkaabi Officer, Students Recruitment Unit
Dr. Mohamed Said Head, Dept. Center for Library and Learning Resources
Mr.  Basil Zuhier Faris Head, SMART Learning Unit