Assistant Manager – Property and Services

Main responsibilities:

  • Implementation of the general policy of the university, management of service and operation works.
  • Supervising the preparation and implementation of the annual preventive and emergency maintenance plan, and coordinating with the Security and Safety Department regarding safety matters.
  • Periodic inspection of buildings, constructions and public utilities that need restoration, studying its recommendations and submitting them to the university administration.
  • Updating and developing technical specifications for facilities maintenance contracts and supervising their implementation.
  • Develop a future plan to modernize and improve maintenance work in general, and work to rationalize the use of electricity and water in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • Supervising the operation and maintenance of facilities, buildings, public utilities, renovations and cleaning.
  • Apply the principles of safety and environmental protection in all operations and maintenance.
  • Follow-up and supervision of the implementation of operating contracts, facilities maintenance and contractors’ work to complete the works on time.
  • Follow up the performance of maintenance and cleaning and work to secure all supplies, materials and spare parts needed to finish maintenance and cleaning work at work sites.
  • Supervising stores and purchases.

Qualifications and competencies:

Minimum qualifications: Bachelor

Experiences: Minimum 4 years in the field


    • Familiarity with all policies, procedures, and regulations related to the field of work
    • Ability to analyze data, extract statistics, and present results
    • Communication and communication skills
    • Skills of preparing work guides, data development, and development plans
    • Fluency in Arabic and English