Student Activities:

Based on modern educational frameworks, the university provides various activities that aim to build and develop the physical, health, behavioral and social abilities and skills of the student and refine the student’s personality. In line with this educational object, the Student Affairs and Shared Services Department provides various cultural, artistic, social, and sports activities for students. It also sponsors university students through well-studied programs to develop the spirit of responsibility and belonging among the students, and to create an appropriate university climate for them through active participation in various activities. On the one hand, it works to provide various opportunities for all students to participate in many sports, recreational, cultural, and social programs in their leisure time. On the other hand, it works to put the name of the university on the map of prestigious universities by maintaining the university’s representation in external participations and its presence within the events institutions of higher education.

General Objectives of the Activities:

  1. Working on the formation of teams of different activities that represent the university at the level of higher education institutions inside or outside the country.
  2. Seeking to develop students’ skills, refining them, directing them in the right direction, and raising their level in their various skill fields.
  3. Working to consolidate the concept of university work among students and the competitive spirit.
  4. Directing students to exploit their leisure time in line with the vision of the university.
  5. Working to prepare the university student in all social, cultural, scientific and leadership aspects, to reflect the university’s mission to the local community.