Employee Survey

Dear Respected Employer:

Greetings from University of Fujairah!

The enclosed survey on employers of UOF’s Arabic Language and Literature graduates is administered every year, through the Department of Quality Assurance and Institutional Research Affairs (DQAIRA) in coordination with the Center for Student Counseling and Career Guidance (CSCCG in order to establish data on the employment experiences of our graduates that have been employed at your company, and as part of our continuous improvement process for evaluating and refining our academic programs.

In this regard, please find time to fill-in the details of the enclosed questionnaires that best reflects your assessment toward our graduates working at your company.

Rest assured that your responses will be kept confidential, and it will be used for research purposes only.

Thank you for supporting UOF in the administration of this survey.

Best regards.



Executive Director, DQAIRA