My Happiness in Sports” Hosts an Awareness Lecture on the Benefits of Sports at the University of Fujairah

As part of preparing a graduation project titled “An Educational Media Campaign to Support Sports Culture among Youth in Fujairah Society,” student Abdullah Al Saied, the project’s coordinator, organized an event titled “My Happiness in Sports.”

The event took place at the University of Fujairah’s theater on November 20, 2023, where Dr. Islam Mansour, a specialist in sports medicine, delivered an awareness lecture covering the benefits of sports on health and daily life. The event was attended by Dr. Abdo Dawood, the project supervisor, and several faculty members and students from the College of Communication.

Attendees expressed their satisfaction with the valuable content presented in the lecture, highlighting the importance of physical activity in improving quality of life. This activity is part of efforts to promote sports culture and encourage youth to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle.

The event is considered part of the university’s initiatives to promote sports awareness and encourage youth to engage in regular physical activity, contributing to enhancing individuals’ health and improving their quality of life.