UOF Internal Research Grants (IRG)


UOF Internal Research Grants (UOF-IRG) is a competitive internal funding program that aims at promoting research at UOF. The University will support research proposals that are deemed to advance scientific and technological development within the UAE, as well as develop meaningful partnerships between UOF faculty and leading academics and industrial collaborators, both nationally and worldwide. Applicants will be required to demonstrate the potential impact of their research and identify how this impact may be realized.

The Internal Research Grants seed funds that aim at promoting research at UOF and to promote a thriving research environment by encouraging research collaboration among internal researchers at UOF and with external researchers.  The fund is intended to help faculty conduct research in their areas of specialization. The IRGs are for one or two years, depending on the type of research. A maximum fund of up to AED 80,000 for a period of two years will be available to each successful research application (AED40,000 for each year). Priority will be given to research projects that are in line with the UAE National Strategy for Innovation.  The UAE National Strategy for Innovation will stimulate innovation in seven sectors:

  • renewables industry and clean technology,
  • air and sea travel with special focus on innovation in the field of unmanned drones,
  • labs in schools and universities,
  • advanced technologies in healthcare services,
  • solving the problem of water scarcity,
  • research and technology, and
  • space technology

Under Research and Technology, the University will give priority to research in the following areas:

  1. The latest trends in business and information technology research, including, but not limited to, financial technologies (fintech), blockchain technology, data and business analytics, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, natural language processing and information retrieval, cybersecurity, mobile and cloud computing, internet of things (IoT), virtual reality and augmented realities, 3D printing, modelling and simulation in business and industry, production and logistics, optimization, applied mathematics and statistics.
  2. The latest trends in mass communication, digital media, social media, advertising and public relations.
  3. The latest research in nursing (Evidence-Based Practice, Patient-Centered Care, Mental Health Nursing, Geriatric Nursing, Global Health Nursing, Cultural Competence in Nursing, etc.) health information technology, healthcare management, and allied health professions.
  4. Arabic language and literature, and family sciences research (social counselling, social care management, human rights, etc.)
  5. Education practices which include teaching and learning strategies, institutional research, quality improvements etc.
  6. Research that is of direct benefit to the social, cultural, educational, economic development, and community health and wellbeing of the Emirate of Fujairah and the UAE at large. That includes collaborative work with private and public organizations.

الأبحاث ذات الفائدة المباشرة للتنمية الاجتماعية والثقافية والتعليمية والاقتصادية وصحة ورفاهية المجتمع في إمارة الفجيرة ودولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة بشكل عام. ويشمل ذلك العمل التعاوني مع المنظمات الخاصة والعامة.

Applicant Eligibility

The UOF-IRG Program is open to all full-time UOF faculty. An applicant can only submit one proposal as principal investigator (PI), but can participate as a co-investigator (Co-PI), or collaborator, in more than one proposal.


The proposal may be for up to two years in duration with a budget of up to AED 80,000 maximum (AED 40,000 for one year). However, the Chancellor will consider increasing the funds for projects that

produce excellent outcomes with the prospective of receiving external funding. The approved budget for the different successful grant applications will vary. For example, computer science and health science projects may require higher budgets given that a significant amount of money may be spent on equipment or consumable purchases. The awarded amounts will be based on the feasibility of the proposed budget, availability of funds, the number of proposals submitted, the nature of the research and the level of institutional and industry cost sharing.

Proposal Review

The submitted proposals will undergo both an administrative process and a subject matter peer review process. Each proposal will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance to UAE strategic priority areas
  • Originality and intellectual merit of the proposal
  • Potential impact
  • Qualifications and track record of the lead PI, Co-investigators, and collaborators
  • Collaboration with industry where applicable
  • Ability to attract matching or additional external funds