Research Cooperation

Research cooperation shall help UoF utilizes research resources effectively; especially that some resources have often not been used in University partnerships. The research strengths can be integrated more fully into partnerships with communities in the following forms:

  1. Cooperation with other Universities: The University encourages field specific partnerships with national and international universities and research institutions to develop and extend research quality, recognizing that these should be based on mutual benefit. In addition, work with neighboring research focused institutions is also encouraged.
  2. Cooperation between University and Industry: UoF shall play an important role in conducting Research and Development R&D activities sponsored by different businesses and industries in the region and the UAE.
  3. Cooperation with Public Sector: The University encourages research cooperation with the public sector that includes collaboration through joint research projects, sponsored research, consultation and expert assistance. Other important forms of cooperation include participation in conferences and workshops arranged by government and non-governmental organizations as well. Graduate students are also encouraged to conduct research related to public interest.