Research Expectations

UOF provides faculty members with a formal process for ongoing evaluation and improvement of their program and faculty development outcomes, a process by which faculty, students and administration can work together in advancing the educational institution’s mission. To promote research activities, the rules of promotion system and renewing contracts are designed to reflect the quality of performance in appropriate research, teaching, and community engagement. From the view point of AAU, the scholarly work honored is limited to working papers, proceedings, eventually refereed journal articles, and edited volumes. Research expectations will vary according to discipline and individual faculty preferences. The following list outlines some general faculty expectations:

  • An individual faculty member is expected to have at least one refereed scholarly work per academic year
  • Each faculty member must demonstrate the ability to work independently by submitting at least two sole author publications for promotion to associate professor or professor rank.
  • Faculty members are given credit for coauthored work, but there is a clear expectation that the faculty member should have contributed significantly to the production of a given article.
  • Each faculty member should have his or her own research agenda, and that research agenda should be connected to his field of specialty. Faculty members who do not have such a research agenda are simply not meeting their responsibility to the University.
  • Because of the University’s commitment to accreditation, the management of the University is committed to an interpretation of scholarly growth consistent with the standards of accreditation standard.