The College of Communication at UOF Discusses Graduation Projects for the First Semester of 2023-2024

In an effort to prepare students to keep pace with developments in the job market, the College of Communication at the University of Fujairah discussed a range of graduation projects for graduate students in the first semester of the academic year 2023-2024. The projects presented for discussion focused on analysis, innovation, and artificial intelligence, with a concentration on their impact in the fields of public relations and corporate communication.

The discussion was chaired by the Dean of the College, Prof Mohammed Fayadh, and witnessed the participation of experts from outside the university, including Ms. Widad Ahmed Al-Hammoudi, Director of the Creative Center in Fujairah, and the seasoned journalist Abdullah Saeed Al-Harthy. The experts provided valuable guidance and reviews for the students, emphasizing the importance of developing the projects and maximizing their utility in the job market.

The guidance also addressed the necessity for students to engage with society and the private sector, underscoring the role of these projects in realizing the UAE’s future strategy. At the conclusion of the discussion, the attendees emphasized the importance of supporting youth projects and their future aspirations, highlighting how these innovative projects can play a vital role in achieving this national vision.