UOF Faculty Development: UAE-Higher Education I&E and Stanford University

Dr. Burton Allauigan-Aggabao recently completed a certificate in teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) at the Center for Professional Development, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, USA. The training grant is under the auspices of the UAE-Higher Education I&E faculty development program through Stanford University. Dr. Aggabao is one of the 30 faculty recipients of the grant for the I&E teaching certificate program. The certificate program is granted to 30 selected participant-faculty-members chosen from among 150 faculty applicants across various colleges and universities in the UAE.  Dr. Aggabao stressed, that the competency he has acquired from Stanford University will be integrated into his current cognitive and behavioral outlook in teaching I&E, and it would be beneficial to MBA and undergraduate students of the University of Fujairah.  He further disclosed that he will reconcile a metacognitive I&E perspective in the classroom; develop the mindset of the learners with values formation in design thinking strategies, in particular;  and,  nurture students to become responsible innovators, self-developed and authentic entrepreneurs, in general”.

Dr. Aggabao is currently the Executive Director of the Quality Assurance and Institutional Research Affairs (QA-IRA) of the University of Fujairah.