Application posted date: 4 Oct 2021
Application expired date: 18 Oct 2021


Library department

Ass. Manager - Library Specialist

Job Description


Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Contribute to develop the vision and the development of strategic principles, organizational goals and strategic plans to ensure the achievement of the university's overall organizational goals.
  2. Follow-up and supervision of the application of the internal methodologies prepared to follow up the progress of work, implement the main operations, and raise the feedback to the university chancellor.
  3. Participate in organizing and distributing work, directing subordinates, coordinating and following up the implementation of all daily work in the library.
  4. Planning library programs, events and activities that the library supervises to organize.
  5. Determining the knowledge needs of the university community, expanding and developing the contents of the library from digital containers to include the largest possible amount of knowledge.
  6. Determining the academic colleges' needs of books and securing them.
  7. Developing the different databases needed by the library.
  8. Develop procedures for the work of the library and the necessary plans to implement them.
  9. Performing any other duties assigned to him by his direct manager that do not conflict with the nature of his work.


Requirements and Experience:

  • A Minimum Bachelor's degree in Library and Information Science
  • Minimum 8 years experience in Library Information Systems and library administration literacies, learning resources and digital systems
  • Below sixty years old.

Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies:

  1. Familiarity with all policies, procedures, and regulations related to the field of work
  2. Excellent in Technical Writing, Communication, Customer Service and Negotiation skills.
  3. Excellent command in English Communication
  4. Experience in Technical Writing, Communication, Instruction, Curriculum Development, Accreditation, Research and Publication Skills, Customer Service, and Teambuilding and interpersonal relations Skills.
  5. Excellent in producing quality documents.
  6. Team player with a positive outlook and clear focus on quality assurance and customer satisfaction.