Application posted date: 1/07/2022
Application expired date: 28/07/2022

Consultative Center for Continuing Education, Science and Technology

Director – Job Description



Under the direction of the Vice Chancellor, the Director of Consultative Center for Continuing Education, Science and Technology (CCCEST) is responsible for the development and operation of the University’s Continuing Education programs. It includes all non-credit courses and professional training programs, PCQs, community-based education, and customized training for business and industry.


Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Lead the administrative, academic, certification and testing, and training affairs of the Consultative Center for Continuing Education, Science and Technology (CCCEST) and establish and execute a tactical roadmap to achieve academic and administrative excellence.
  2. Coordinates the planning, development, implementation and support of the CCEST.
  3. Works with business and industry to identify the needs and develop customized training.
  4. Prepares and implements a comprehensive marketing plan for continuing education.
  5. Oversees professional and training curriculum design, development and implementation of non-credit courses and training programs.
  6. Manages planning, scheduling, budgeting and operational efficiency.
  7. Maintains effective communication with community, administration, faculty and staff.
  8. Recruits, supervises and evaluates certified trainers, and personnel in continuing education.
  9. Collaborates with the academic faculty to identify new continuing education courses, PCQs, and professional training programs
  10. Spearhead the review, development, implementation, and evaluation of policies, processes, the long and short term strategic action plans related to CCCEST, that include:
  11. Annual Operational Plan of CCCEST.
  12. Annual Innovation Works and their dissemination of outputs.
  13. Annual Plan for CCCEST services provided to academics, community, and public and private sectors.
  14. Annual Professional Development Plan for staff members of CCCEST.
  15. Annual Marketing and Promotional Plans for the CCCEST functions and programs.
  16. Prepares the annual budget of CCCEST.
  17. Provides reference and advisory services on a regular schedule to CCCEST clients.


Requirements and Experience:

  1. A Minimum Master degree holder from a reputable academic institution.
  2. Experience in developing continuing education training courses and programs
  3. Specialized in Business Administration, or Management Information Systems, or computer science, or computer engineering, or IT, or digital publication, or related degree.
  4. At least 8 years of mixed professional experience in professional training and certification.
  5. At least 5 years of solid leadership capacity experience in a related reputable institution or multi-national organization.

Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies:

  1. Excellent in Strategic Leadership in professional training programs and certification.
  2. Knowledge and skill in the use of integrated software systems and Microsoft applications
  3. Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of continuous education.
  4. Excellent command in English Communication
  5. Excellent in Technical Writing, Communication, Project Management, Total Quality Management, Customer Service, and Negotiation skills, with and entrepreneurial spirit.
  1. Excellent in producing quality documents.
  2. Advanced competency in managing diverse staff members.
  3. Team player with a positive outlook and clear focus on quality assurance and customer satisfaction.


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