University Nurse


Responsibilities and Duties:

Support the Mission of the Function through:


Under the supervision of the Chair of the Student Affair and Shared Services Department deliver basic healthcare services and basic healthcare education to employees and students of the university, as well as monitoring and documentation their medical insurance. Together with the Chair of the Student Affair and Shared Services Department provide the monthly statistics and reports to ensure the health status of employees and students is monitored and evaluated. and strategic objectives of the college or program.


Requirements and Experience:

  1. Education:
    • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing
  2. Professional Licensing:
    • Valid license to practice in the UAE with DHA or MOHAP
  3. Professional Experience (Business/Industry):
    • Three to five (3-5) years related work experience in community nursing and health care services administration.
    • Minimum of 2 years of clinical experience as a Registered Nurse / Professional Nurse in a Hospital Environment.
  4. Intercultural Experience (Cultural):
    • Multi-cultural diversity
    • Culture-sensitive


Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies:

  1. Good Knowledge of Health Promotion and Maintenance
  2. Ability to Work Under Tight Deadlines
  3. Ability to Prioritizes Tasks
  4. Strong Interpersonal Skills
  5. Excellent Communication Skills
  6. Meticulous Technical Writing Skills
  7. Excellent Teambuilding Skills
  8. Excellent Time Management Skills
  9. Excellent Customer Service Skills
  10. Good Computer Skills

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