Job Description

Responsibilities and Duties:

The VC for Academic (VC-AcA) Affairs shall:

Establish strategic educational leadership and implementation of measurable support system to the overall direction of the Academic Affairs (AcA) in its tactical, strategic, and operational management.  Effectively formulate, execute, measure, and revise AcA strategic goals and objectives; ensures deans and chairpersons of various departments and faculty-team-members integrate complementary and compelling quality academic support services in terms of governance roles, instruction, research, publication, community engagement, institutional research, and accreditation toward achieving the mission, program outcomes, strategic goals, and objectives of the academic affairs.

Specifically, he shall:

  1. Lead the academic affairs with a clear UOF’s mission and strategic plan aligned with the vision and strategic directions of UAE-MOE-higher education; establish and execute a tactical roadmap to achieve academic excellence and set well-rounded graduates up for success and prepared for the disruption of the digital workplace.
  2. Spearhead the review, development, implementation, and evaluation of policies, processes, the long and short term strategic action plans, and Key Result Areas (KRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and financial requirements of academic-related affairs and their approval by the Chancellor, in line with the UOF’s goals and objectives.
  3. Oversee the colleges and academic departments in proposing new academic programs and ensure that curriculum development of a specific academic program is appropriately crafted, feasibility study requirements are properly conducted and the application for Initial Program Accreditation (IPA) are properly enunciated based on the CAA Standard to ensure their accreditation by the CAA-MOE and other accreditation bodies.
  4. Lead the institutional effectiveness governance in the academic affairs and execute the functions of the Committee for Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness (CQA-IE) primarily to strategically administer related institutional self-study and researches in assessing the effectiveness of all academic programs; direct the deans and the individual Committee on Quality Assurance and Program Effectiveness (CQA-PE) for academic programs to collaboratively ensure that assessment framework is institutionalized, the self-studies for academic programs are systematically conducted, and the applications for the Renewal of Program Accreditation (RPA) are analytically written.
  5. Establish the UOF’s institutional community and engagement programs strategic directions; build and strengthen the strategic relations with major industries and government institutions in UAE; and, lead the implementation of community and industry engagement activities to advance industry and community relations which impact program effectiveness and employability of graduates.
  6. Lead the regular annual review and accomplishments of the strategic operational plans and financial performance of the academic affairs, to include the review of the performance evaluations of faculty members; and submit the results and appropriate recommendations to the University Chancellor, together with the proposed budget for the next academic year.
  7. Ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of academic programs by observing UAE-CAA Standards 2019 and UAE-NQF critical to the overall performance of the academic departments and colleges.
  8. Perform additional functions as delegated by the Chancellor.

Requirements and Experience:

  1. A full Professor from a reputable academic institution, with attested evidence of promotion.
  2. PD. degree in IT, Business, Communication, Health Sciences, or related degree.
  3. With 15 years of solid academic leadership capacity experience in a reputable academic institution or multi-national academic and training organization.
  4. At least 10 years of mixed professional experience in project management and quality assurance in higher education particularly curriculum development, accreditation, institutional effectiveness, research and development, innovation works, patenting of scholarly works, and community outreach programs.
  5. Below sixty years old.

Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies:

  1. Excellent in Strategic Leadership in Higher Education.
  2. Excellent in Legal, Social and Ethical Philosophical Foundations of Higher Education
  3. Excellent in Curriculum Development, Assessment of Learning, Research, and Evaluation
  4. Excellent command in English Communication
  5. Advanced competency in managing diverse faculty and staff members.
  6. Team player with a positive outlook and clear focus on CAA Standard and other accrediting bodies, quality assurance, and integrity.