UOF’s Faculty Development Program

Stanford University awards Teaching Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Dr. Burton A. Aggabao of UOF.

The Stanford University through its Center for Professional Development (CPD) has granted a certificate in teaching innovation and entrepreneurship to Dr. Burton A. Aggabao.  The year-round training program exposes faculty members to various concepts of IE design strategies, and teaching and learning methodologies during the series of workshops and off visitations to various tech companies at Silicon Valley, California, USA.  The acquired philosophy in innovation and entrepreneurship by the scholars will be the core dimensions in the implementation of IE curricular programs in their respective university campuses.  The program aims at educating faculty members in the UAE to integrate innovation and entrepreneurship philosophy into the higher education curricular programs. Dr. Aggabao is one of the recipients of the UAE higher education and Stanford University Innovation and Entrepreneurship development program.