College of Information Technology

The College of Information Technology at University of Fujairah was founded in order to keep up with the rising and growing developments in the field of information technology. The college offers currently a bachelor degree in Networking and Security. The College of Information Technology came to contribute at the local level in supplying the labor market of qualified and professional graduates, who are able to a) keep pace with the mounting requirements in the field of information technology; b) advance in various disciplines of information technology and Networking and Security; and c) direct the track of scientific research towards serving the local and regional community. The College has a number of qualified teaching staff with experience in applied and research fields, who can improve the educational process and the service level of the university.

I am delighted to welcome you to the College of Information Technology at the University of Fujairah. We are a University that exudes enthusiasm, passion, drive, and ambition, all of which drew me to the University three years ago. Our work and connection with the communities we serve in Fujairah and beyond is based on the inclusiveness and warmth of our student and staff community. New methods of working are an important element of our vision the college. Our knowledge, quality, and experience in Information Technology disciplines such as Programming, Networking and Security through applied education, research, and practice is our main area of strength. Our programs will enhance people's lives in the UAE and abroad by creating and using information technology applications and practices to better people's lives, well-being, the economy, and society. We want ambitious individuals to grow and develop at Fujairah University, where they will be challenged and encouraged to have rewarding careers. We respect, recognize, and reward students’ contributions and accomplishments, and we take pleasure in each individual's success. Our values – professional, ambitious, inclusive, and creative – underlie our culture and relationships with our students, and we actively promote them throughout the University.

Once you've decided to major in one of our programs, you'll spend four years and eight semesters in Networking and Security doing numerous courses. You will engage in both official and informal critiques in practical laboratories, where you will debate many elements of design, applications and much more. You'll also be working with a number of professors and researchers who have national and worldwide reputations in the fields of Information Technology, smart applications developments, and research. As a result, as a graduate of the College of Information Technology, you will be creative, confident, and forward-thinking, in keeping with University of Fujairah's mission. The Faculty has developed strong ties with companies and creative partners in Information Technology because we believe in connecting theory and practice. The employability of our graduates is at the core of our education, and we strive to keep track of their development and success stories.

Many activities will take place throughout our campus and in conjunction with community events. Study tours, exhibits, and special events such as conferences are examples of them. There are also many ways for you to become engaged in the student's life, such as volunteering at our programming center or participating in our creative labs practices. You'll meet outstanding professors, academics, technicians, and designers, as well as form lifelong connections with some of your classmates. As a result, I strongly advise you to take full advantage of the possibilities that will present themselves to you during your studentship at the College of Information Technology. We'll make sure you receive plenty of help from the administrative staff located across the college and at University of Fujairah. We think this is an incredible and exciting atmosphere brimming with talent and ideas, and you are now a part of it.

Prof. Dr. Mulhim Al Doori

Dean of College of Information Technology


The mission of the CIT is to fulfill the needs of the job market of qualified technical personnel and professionals who are capable of advancement and creativity in various disciplines of information technology directing the track of scientific research towards serving the local and regional community.


  1. Provide students with the opportunity to prepare themselves for entry level jobs in the information technology environment.
  2. Provide flexible and ladderize degrees in Associate of Arts (AA) in Information Technology and Bachelor of Information Technology.
  3. Deliver IT curricular programs for cutting-edge technologies and informatics.


The CIT intends to:

  1. Equip and prepare highly qualified graduates in the field of network technology through employing educational curriculum and teaching methods of modern international standards.
  2. Rely on interaction, integration and specialization in building and preparing qualified and capable professionals in the fields of information technology.
  3. Encourage and support specialized scientific research and practical studies in the field of computer networks and data security for the local society and UAE alike.
  4. Encourage and support specialized scientific research and practical studies in the field of Internet & Ecommerce and providing professional solutions for the local business markets.
  5. Utilize and develop the methods of blended learning, education technology resources, and use the latest references and equipment

Huawei Partners – Huawei Academy

Cisco Partners- Cisco Academy

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – MOU

Louisville University – MOU

Name GPA
Abdulla Khatem Jasem Alzaabi 4
Rouaa Abdulsalam Al Muhbani 4
Maha Abdalla Saeed Al Baahrain Al Naqbi 4
Noor K. M. Madi 4
Yara Salem Dyab Abushapap 4
Rawand Ahmed Jamal Al Domour 4
Aishah Saeed Khameis Qareiny 4
Ahlam Khamis Shir Mohamad Ahmad 3.98
Mariam Ibrahim Rasool Bakhsh 3.97
Noora Ghulam Hussain 3.92

Prof. Dr. Mulhim Al Doori

Professor / College Dean

Ph.D./University of Edinburgh


Artificial intelligence

College of Information Technology


Phone: 09-2244499 local 300

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-2913-6342

Dr. Bassem Mohmoud Ali Mokhtar

Assistant Professor

Ph.D./University of Virginia


Electrical and Computer Engineering

College of Information Technology


Phone: 092244499 local 302

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7138-4721

Dr. Ahmed Khalifa

Assistant Professor

Ph.D./Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Computer Engineering

College of Information Technology


Phone: 092244499 local 303

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8142-3520

Dr. Korhan Cengiz

Assistant Professor

Ph.D./Kadir Has University


Electronics Engineering

College of Information Technology

Phone: 092244499 local 301

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6594-8861

Academic Programs


Bachelor of Information Technology - Networking and Security

The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) in Networking and Security aims to produce competent graduates in Information Technology in the domains of computer networks, information systems security, networking-based applications development.
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