College of Health Sciences

At the College of Health Sciences, we prepare students for the latest Nursing education and developments. This is a new College and have got tremendous response from the local students. The College is equipped with modern Nursing tools and simulation facilities to provide quality education of international standards. The recent support and developments of health care activities have created a high demand for nursing education. The UAE has also established many health care colleges and centers but our College has proved to be another helping hand in catering to the needs of health sciences activities. The College has inducted high-class faculty and staff to ensure the international standards and Ministry requirements. The expansions of new programs and international nursing accreditations are also in progress for the purpose of validating the future of medical standards.

Dean’s Message

It is my honor to welcome you to the College of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing!

Nurses became heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic as they were part of the frontline workers. The COVID-19 pandemic changed our daily lives and impacted the world, and especially the healthcare system. There is a high demand on the nursing workforce.  

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) who describes the nursing profession as “one of the most important components of the health service”.  

The global shortage of nurses is estimated up to 13 million by the International Council of Nurses (ICN Policy Brief, 2021).  

Nursing became a sought-after profession and a high number of nurses need to be trained to fill the shortage of nurses’ gap. 

We believe in educational leadership, clinical excellence, research and social accountability through community engagement. Our research focus on practice development – from an educational and clinical perspective. Nurses provide evidence-based person-centered care that is derived from the most current scientific knowledge and lessons learned from research studies across all health and social disciplines. Also, nurses foster and practice professional and ethical values to the benefit of all mankind. We strive to serve the community and partner of other organizations to work together to provide safe and healthy world for all.

The educational strategies applied are student-centered, innovative and interactive. Ample learning resources are available for students to facilitate all aspects of healthcare training in the 1,090 sqm2 Simulation Centre. The state-of-the-art Simulation Center’s uniqueness is that it is the first of its kind in the region where every bed-unit is fully glass-walled and partitioned to give the impression of an open ward/unit. Simulation Center was designed and build in collaboration with Leader Healthcare Group. Due to the significant attributes of the Simulation Center, Leader HealthCare Group assigned the Intellectual Property of the Simulation Center Design, over to the UOF. The Simulation Centre consist of 27 bed spaces with fully functioned simulated oxygen and pressures. There are water-birth baths with manual birthing manikins, 23 high and mid fidelity patient simulators, thus patient simulators that simulate real-life patients, as well as 19 task trainers, web-based audiovisual (AV) Learning Management Tools, and Virtual Reality (VR) Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory. According to LeaderHealth Care the Simulation Centre at the UOF is the only center in the region that offers Water birth baths with Manual Birthing Manikins and thus this learning experience for their students. To our knowledge it is the only Simulation Center in the Middle East to offer this learning experience to healthcare students.  

Our renowned faculty and talented staff are focused on every student’s success. They will be with you every step of the way to guide and support you during your journey at the College of Health Sciences and specifically the Department of Nursing. 

Your time with us will be filled with exciting, inspiring, innovative, and scholarly opportunities. Embrace the challenges and make use of every learning opportunity. Enjoy this life-changing journey! Always remember the four (4) Ls, namely, To live; To love; To learn; and To leave a legacy by Stephen R. Covey.

Therefore, practically applied in your nursing journey the four (4) Ls will be ‘played-out’ as follows:

Learn it 

–  learn everything you can (make use of every learning opportunity);

Live it 

–  practice always what you’ve learned correctly and meticulously; 

Love it 

–  through practicing every day correctly and meticulously what you’ve learned, you will start loving it; and

Leave a Legacy 

–  by practicing correctly and meticulously, other nurses will notice it and learn it and therefore, you will be able to leave your legacy to the nursing profession.

Best regards,

Corrien Van Belkum
Acting Dean


The College of Health Sciences’ vision is to become an influential and distinguished health education leader in the Middle East and beyond through education, scholarly activity, and research that advances the nursing profession and promotes the country's health.


We will prepare nursing graduates capable of applying best practices, demonstrating ethical behavior, and following a holistic approach to restoring health, preventing illness, and promoting the health of the individual, family, and community.

Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP)

Dr. Corrien Van Belkum
Rank:  Associate Professor
College / Department College of Health Sciences; Department of Nursing
Highest Qualification: Ph.D. (Didactics)
Name of the Awarding Institution:                    University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
Major / Specialty Critical Care Nursing

Curriculum Development

Expertise E-Learning Education, Outcomes-based Education, and Quality.
Dr. Jobby George                                 
Rank:  Assistant Professor
College / Department College of Health Sciences
Highest Qualification: Ph.D 
Name of the Awarding Institution: Yenepoya University, India
Major / Specialty Physiotherapy and Neuroscience                                   
Expertise Anatomy and Physiology


Dr. Jipi Varghese                                             
Rank:  Assistant Professor
College / Department Department of Nursing
Highest Qualification: Ph.D. (Nursing)
Name of the Awarding Institution: Yenepoya University, India
Major / Specialty Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing
Expertise Women’s Health, E-Learning, Nursing Education, and Research.
Mr. Rock Parreno Cordero  

Rank:  Lecturer
College / Department Department of Nursing
Highest Qualification:                                                                                                                                 Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in Nursing Administration
Name of the Awarding Institution: St. Paul University Philippines
Major / Specialty Nursing Leadership and Management, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Clinical Skills and Simulation, Internship Programs, and Quality Assurance.

Academic Programs


Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program is a 4-year program (120 Credit Hours) that is devoted to improve the health and wellbeing of the society by preparing professional nurses that provide high-quality, evidence-based, holistic care to individuals, families, and communities in the UAE.
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