Message By Chair

“On behalf of the members of the Board of Trustees, I am happy to welcome the university officials, faculty, staff, students, parents and visitors to University of Fujairah! Our commitment to educate the youth and community members is curved in our vision.”

The obligation assigned to me as the chairperson of the governing board is a gigantic, and it is a challenging role.  It necessitates a greater responsibility and an effective governance to speed up the gear of University of Fujairah (UoF) in meeting the challenges of today’s effective delivery of higher education services. Effective accountability, in this regard, enforces the board of trustees to provide resources to the faculty, staff, students, and alumni members toward achieving UoF’s goals and objectives. The system of good governance, through strategic decision making which is reflective to the needs of the learners and subscribes to the requirements of the Standard and other accreditation bodies, elevates the university’s competitive advantage.With this system, the university affairs such as academic, administrative, student and community engagements are propagating specialized and novelty approaches of implementing the general university programs. It guarantees an innovative leadership that is ready to embrace the future of the university where administrative and academic officers are inspired to work together and achieve the common goals.With our roles in employing a system of guiding and leading the performance of UoF to achieve its strategic goals and objectives, students’ residency at the university is definitely a great opportunity and a guaranteed academic success.Once again, I welcome you all to UoF!

His Excellency Saed Ben Muhammad Al-Raqabani
Chairman of the Board of Trustees