Student training

Since its inception, UoF main goal was centered on providing high-quality education. The university has been focusing on qualifying the students in a practical manner to promote responsibility and ability to tackle future challenges. Therefore, UoF developed training programs supervised by UoF colleges in collaboration with public and private local sectors, to qualify the students practically capitalizing on the academic qualification gained from the university. Training is conducive to equipping students necessary for their practical life after graduation, as it helps with grasping working environment in a realistic manner. Moreover, training acquaints students with job patterns and functionalities as they are practiced, and hence integrating academic and practical experiences through dealing with local community and other actors in the training environment.

Field Training Regulations

  • The student must complete 16 weeks or 480 hours of field training;
  • During a Fall and Spring Semesters: A regular student can take only 9 Credit Hours of course-workload with a WP course, provided there is no overlap with WP working hours; and
  • training evaluation is conducted by UoF faculty members to assess students’ performance in addition to the service provider evaluation.

Working students

  • Full-time work by students within their field of study can be credited as training upon submission of supporting documents;
  • students who work full-time in a field not related to their area of study must complete field training in a relevant area within their institutions; and
  • student will be considered a full-time employee, if she\he has been employed for more than six months. Supporting documents stating date of appointment and field of work must be provided.

Preparing students for field training

Effective preparation is necessary to ensure the success of field training ahead of entering the job market. Pre-training arrangements are made through cooperation between the Department of Student Affairs and Shared Services, and the relevant colleges. A series of training workshops are conducted before field training placement. Workshops cover the following subjects:

  • Code of Conduct in the workplace;
  • personal skills required for employment; and
  • field-specific health and safety risks and risk prevention strategies;