Research Strategy


The University of Fujairah considers research activities and outcomes as leading academic activities that support innovation and entrepreneurship and enforce improvement and continuous development through all academic programs and community engagement activities.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Build research infrastructure (library, laps, databases…etc.) and the research institutional framework within the organizational structure of the university.
  2. Enhance community’s employer engagement and institutional engagement. Also, enhance linkages with research institutions locally, regionally and internationally.
  3. Develop research activities in some specific areas following priorities 1 and 2.
  4. Develop a research support scheme.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To enhance research resources including databases, library and laps.
  2. To develop graduate programs in Business Administration, Media Sciences and Social Studies.
  3. To comprehend on community engagement and services and create sound linkages with research institutions.
  4.  To foster research activities in different colleges following community needs.
  5. To develop a research support scheme (financial support, promotion, ….. etc.)

Programs and Actions

  1. Update library resources (books, journal, and databases).
  2. Equip library with necessary physical and technological facilities.
  3. Design and offer master degree programs in different colleges.
  4. Prepare and activate multilateral agreements with business community and research units in other local, regional and international universities and institutions.
  5. Restructure and support the Center for Continuing Education.
  6. Organize an annual conference.
  7. Publish the University Research Journal.
  8. Create an Annual Award for Best Academic Research at the university.
  9. Design a Financial-Support-System to finance academic research.
  10. Prepare and implement a Research Publication System.
  11. Create a Research Unit within the organizational structure of the university (Research Deanship).


  1. A well-equipped digital library
  2. The UoF’s Academic Journal
  3. An Annual Academic Conference
  4. Locally Published textbooks
  5. 80 Academic Researched Papers during the five years of the plan
  6. Diversified Graduate Academic Programs
  7. A functional framework for university-community engagement