Student Bodies:

Student Bodies are student links that represent college students or university students and contribute to solving their issues, in cooperation and coordination with the university administration. This is to achieve everything that would secure their comfort in a way that does not conflict with the laws, regulations and instructions of the university. They also practice student activities of interest to students. Also, these bodies are represented in one of two ways which are Placement by the deans of colleges or internal elections among the members of the bodies.

Student Council:

It has a corporate personality, located on the university campus, and it is the voice of the students and the link between them and the university administration for serving the students. It mainly expresses the students’ opinions and issues, defends their point of view in the university administration, and passes the university’s message to the students. It works to enhance the spirit of participation, teamwork and cooperation between students, the university administration, faculty members and its employees. The council also organizes many events and activities aimed at developing national awareness among students and strengthening the spirit of belonging, loyalty and responsibility, through cultural, artistic, sports and recreational activities that serve university students. Besides, it contributes to supervising a number of major events, participates in external events, and forms friendship and cooperation relations with student councils in state universities, to enable young people to take a leading role in society.

Students Council Objectives:

  1. Assisting in introducing new students to the educational institution and the university campus.
  2. Acting as a link between students and the university administration in order to serve the students, raise their issues and defend their point of view in the administration following the laws governing the university.
  3. Enhancing the spirit of participation, teamwork and cooperation between students, administration, and members of the university’s teaching and administrative staff.
  4. Representing university students in student gatherings of other higher education institutions in the country and abroad.
  5. Developing national awareness among students and strengthening the spirit of belonging to the homeland and taking responsibility.
  6. Developing awareness of moral values.
  7. To raise the level of intellectual, social, sports and artistic life within the university.
  8. Discovering student talents, abilities and skills, refining them and developing their creativity.
  9. Working on the unity and strengthening the bonds of national unity and the rejection of regional, sectarian, regional and racial strife.
  10. developing the spirit of dialogue and respect for the other opinion and enhancing the spirit of cooperation and the concept of teamwork.