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البند - الرسوم





Admission File Fees 

رسوم القبول وفتح ملف جديد

1,500 One time (non-refundable غير مسترده)
Semester Registration Fees

رسوم التسجيل الفصلية

1,000 Regular semesters (First & Second) (non-refundable غير مسترده)
500 Short semesters (Summer) (non-refundable غير مسترده)
Credit Hour Fees

رسوم الساعات الدراسية المعتمده

850 Per credit hour (new rate applies to 2016 students onwards subject to 10% annual increment)
English Level Course Fees

 رسوم مساق اللغة الإنجليزية المكثف

Graduation Fees

 (Certificate- Transcript - Letter of Completion)

رسوم التخريج 

( الشهادة الجامعية – كشف العلامات – إفادة )

1,000 One time at graduation
Graduation Certificate Fees (Replacement)

رسوم الشهادة الجامعية ( بدل فاقد )

200 Original
Official Transcript Fees

رسوم كشف العلامات 

100 Original
Student Visa Deposit

تأمين مسترد لإقامة للطالب

2,000 Deposit (refundable when visa canceled)
200 Service fee

 رسوم إيجار خزانة

50 Per semester
Late Registration Penalty

رسوم التسجيل المتأخر 

500 According to the Academic calendar
Cheque Return Fees

رسوم الشيك الراجع من البنك

To Whom It May Concern Letter (Finance)

رسالة لمن يهمه الأمر ( مالية ) 



Notice: Discounts and monthly support amounts will be applied at the end of each semester after exam results are released. This depends on the student's cumulative grade point average (CGPA) and the number of courses to be calculated in the cumulative grade point average. Students who are accepted at the beginning of the semester and are entitled to high school discounts are excluded from this. The discounts based on the cumulative average will be applied at the end of the next semester.