UoF developed a database for its graduates, aiming at strengthening ties with them, supporting their role in serving the community, benefiting from their ideas and experiences in developing the university, and enhancing their loyalty and support for UoF. The database is envisaged to be conducive to achieve the University’s local community development objectives, as it will help with identifying societal needs and relevant academic programs. The Student Affairs Department employs the database to keep graduates abreast with the university activities and programs, in addition to following up toward achieving the following objectives:

  • Introducing direct channels and periodic meetings between the university and its graduates and among graduate’s community, besides working to support graduates’ careers, enhance their loyalty and interest in the UoF affairs.
  • Getting to know the graduates’ conditions and their roles in community service, in addition to updating them on university developments. and the new scientific advancements that support their career paths.
  • Assessing academic programs and graduates’ skills adequacy to the job market and benefiting from their feedback from practitioner perspective.
  • Obtaining graduates feedback on UoF’s reputation in their work and community environment, besides building relationships with local community institutions to help with graduate’s employment.

Retaining graduates as active members of UoF community and engaging them in cultural, social and voluntary activities