Research Policies and Procedures

  • UOF has a research strategic plan.
  • The Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research is responsible for the management of research. This, of course, includes provision of research support and the exercise of institutional-level responsibilities and functions in accordance with relevant University policies and regulations. In addition, the dean prepares and implements the annual budget for the research.
  • Research policies and procedures can be outlined as:
    1. The research policy shall apply to all faculty members of the University, and other users of University resources.
    2. Research support is provided both for sustaining and promoting the research activities of established researchers, as well as for the development of budding researchers.
    3. Requests for support of research projects or activities are evaluated on the merits of the proposal, the merits of the applicant, the need for research capacity development, and the need to sustain existing research activities or capacity.
    4. All researchers and scholars are required to undertake research. In turn, the University is committed to support all research with appropriate resources where necessary.
    5. Researchers are free to conduct research in any area, provided that they adhere to the University’s ethical principles.
    6. The University takes into account issues adhere to national, regional, and international priorities.
    7. All faculty members are required to conduct research, and engage in scholarship and to publish their findings.
    8. Encourage cooperation of individuals with a broad range of expertise and the use of a wide variety of materials and equipment.