The Department of Student Affairs and Shared Services (DSASS) is the true incubator for university students. The Department aims at building a generation of students who enjoy mental and physical health, through supporting and enhancing the students’ personalities, intellectual and emotional growth to help with their integration into academic life.

DSASS plays an important role in linking students, colleges and local institutions to provide services necessary for academic excellence. The Department also works to develop the students’ capabilities, motivate them, develop positive values, and nurture their sense of patriotism so that they contribute effectively to serving the nation, which can be achieved by creating a safe and supportive university environment for them, and by equipping them with skills in education, culture, arts, and sports.

DSASS aims to develop and refine students’ personalities by supporting and encouraging extracurricular activities; to help students to solve the problems they face, and to enhance the spirit of trust amongst students and university departments. It also aims to providing advice and counselling towards an optimal preparation for students to reflect positively on their personality in academic and practical spheres.


To be a leader in providing quality services to students, in a creative and stimulating world-class environment.


                 Achieving comprehensive students’ development in scientific, psychological, behavioral and skill domains, and providing quality student services through maintaining an academically supportive environment to equip students with problem solving skills and the thrust to face challenges.


  1. Commitment to ethical values and social ​​ responsibility
  2. Students are the core of the educational process and the center of our attention.
  3. Excellence and creativity in providing all student services and activities.
  4. Ensuring a safe and supportive academic environment.
  5. Adherence to constructive dialogue and accepting the other.


               The objectives of the Department of Student Affairs and Shared Services are centered on developing students’ creativity, skills and intellectual abilities, in addition to participating in various cultural, social and sports activities, towards creating an accommodating university environment for students by encouraging team work and promoting a culture of dialogue.

In order to achieve the desired goals, our main interest lies in:

  1. Enhancing a creative climate, supporting environment, and caring for outstanding students to develop their talents and skills.
  2. Developing psychological, social and behavioral counseling services, in addition to advancing public services to support the academic side.
  3. Providing adequate infrastructure to enable students to achieve university’s objectives commensurately with the planned services, programs and activities.
  4. Fostering and nurturing the spirit of loyalty and belonging to the homeland.
  5. Inculcating bonds of love and tolerance originated from our Islamic values, and to foster the spirit of cooperation among students regardless of religion, ethnicity, nationality, or language, in addition to promoting respect for self and others, and nurturing friendly relations.
  6. Setting purpose and direction for students to keep productive, and developing their leadership abilities and sense of responsibility, besides building student’s integrated personality.
  7. Maintaining a committed relationship with graduates towards serving the national interest.

Department of Student Affairs and shared services functions.

  1. Equipping the graduates with practical skills necessary to secure best available training opportunities.
  2. Supervising students’ volunteering and community service programs in coordination with the concerned bodies.
  3. Spreading awareness and disseminating information about university regulations and bylaws among students.
  4. Creating a database for all graduates.
  5. Continually Updating university regulations and bylaws and keeping students well-informed.
  6. Following up on students’ issues and developing appropriate solutions.
  7. Supervising the formation and functioning of the Student Council and Student Clubs.
  8. Carrying out the annual graduation ceremony and all related activities in coordination with concerned departments.
  9. Creating the graduation book and taking care of all related activities.
  10. Carrying out the induction program.
  11. Supervising all extracurricular activities.
  12. Supervising and coordinating national celebrations and festivals.
  13. Following up on grant, aid, and concession programs offered by the university and local institutions.