Student Services

Students visit the Center for Personal and Career Counseling for assistance with many concerns, ranging from stress, anxiety, depression, eating concerns, low self-esteem, difficulties in managing time or work, test anxiety or other academic difficulties, to assistance in matching personal interests and abilities with careers and preparation for working in a business setting for the first semester of the Integrated Project. Many students come with concerns that need only one or two sessions. Others need more time. No problem or concern is too small for the Center. The Center’s purpose is to help students succeed in their studies and build productive and satisfying lives and careers.
The Center is staffed with a full-time Coordinator. The Coordinator and staff provide individual and group counseling for students and a variety of group sessions and workshops. The focus of the Center is on helping students to succeed academically. Students may make an appointment by phone or by stopping by the office, or may drop by for a session if a counselor is available.
The Center provides short-term individual counseling, typically no more than eight sessions per academic year. In these sessions, student and counselor work together to resolve the student’s concerns and goals.
Each semester, the Center offers a schedule of workshops and support groups on topics such as study skills, conflict management, taking tests, managing time, etc.Support groups are offered as needed.Support groups offer a safe place to talk with others who are experiencing similar difficulties; they can help the student to feel supported and understood.
The Center hosts a Personal Resource Center with a library of books, brochures and videos on self-help.
Upon request, the Center will assist student and parent in referring a student to community services if the student needs services that are beyond the resources of the Center to provide.Referral is voluntary and requires the student’s or parents’ or guardian’s written approval.
Counseling records are confidential and are not part of the student’s official university records.Unless compelled by law, or upon written authorization of the student or student’s parent or guardian, the Center does not disclose confidential contents of student records to any outside party.
New students are required to attend Orientation, which is scheduled the week before instruction begins every semester.New student orientation includes testing for placement in English (for those students who have not submitted official TOEFL scores).At orientation, all students will be assigned an academic advisor, who will guide them through their degree program.The orientation program culminates in registration for the courses that students will take for their first semester. New student orientation is more than just testing and registration.It is a chance to meet fellow students, to learn what is expected of students in their classes, what is expected of students for graduation, to learn the university policies and procedures, and to get hands-on practice in using the library and information technology resources. It is an opportunity for students to experience the UoF community.
Both men’s and women’s prayer rooms are available at the university.
Scholarships may be available from private and organizations to qualified students.Information and applications are available from the office of the Coordinator of the Center for Personal and Career Counseling.All scholarships that are awarded to UoF students will be administered by the Fujairah Welfare Association.
University of Fujairah will aid students coming from outside the UAE to get long-term visas.Students needing help with visas should contact the Property and Services Manager.
Currently, food services are available in the building in which UoF is located.These food services are not run by FU, but are available for use by UoF students, faculty and staff.
All students will have a valid health card purchased from the Ministry of Health.This card must be shown each time a student registers for classes.The health card allows students access to UAE health services.
Although UoF does not have recreational facilities at present, there are recreational facilities located nearby, which can be used by students for the appropriate fee.
In case of an emergency on campus or at a university-sponsored event, the university is opened between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, or call 09 2244499.