Financial Aid

In its endeavor to enhance its social role, UoF introduced a student financial aid program to provide support for the needy. UoF established a voluntary fund to support students, according to specific rules, regulations and guidelines, that entail determining the level of financial support after conducting a comprehensive evaluation for eligibility.  Applications are submitted quarterly to the Student Affairs and Shared Services Department for review.


Student Support Fund Regulations

1 – The student must have completed 30 credit hours.

2 – The cumulative GPA should not be less than 2.0

2- Proof of the student’s financial condition must be provided


The required Documents

1 – Photocopies of the passports of the student and his\her guardian.

2 – Photocopies of the Emirates ID for the student and his guardian.

3- The family book (for citizens only).

4- A copy of the tenancy contract.

5- A bank statement of the guardian for 6 months.

6 – A certificate of indebtedness from the bank, if there are any loans.

7- A certificate stating the costs of studying for the student’s brothers and sisters in schools or universities, if any.

8- Expenses of any permanent medical treatments, if any.

9 – Salary certificate of the guardian or the working student (if applicable).

10 – Unemployment certificate from the court stating that the guardian or the student is unemployed.