Transfer From Other Universities

 Admission and Credit Transfer

Students who have completed collegiate work at recognized Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and programs with an overall grade point average of 2.0 or higher may apply for admission to the University of Fujairah (UOF) and may also apply to transfer some of that approved credits to UOF.  In addition, potential transfer students must meet all of the requirements for regular admission stated above.

Whether or not the courses were taken elsewhere are transferable is an administrative decision made by UOF.  Factors that enter into the decision include the requirements for the course, the degree of similarity between the course taken elsewhere and a course offered at UOF, including the student learning outcomes of that course, the students’ major, and the grade received. Under no conditions shall credit be given for courses in which a grade of less than “C” was earned. Under no circumstances shall credit be given for experiential learning, training provided by non-collegiate institutions, professional certification, continuing and professional development, or for outreach or service educational programs of study undertaken on a non-credit basis.  Courses for which transfer credit is given shall not transfer as grades but only as courses completed. Up to 50% of the CH required for a University of Fujairah degree may be taken elsewhere.

In order to have the course work assessed for potential transfer, the student must provide detailed course descriptions, course syllabi, and official transcripts to the DAR at the time of application for admission.  The DAR shall inform the student, in writing, what course work has been accepted towards the requirements for the University of Fujairah degree at the time of the positive notification of admission to UoF.  Students who have been given credits for a course taken elsewhere in substitution for UOF course may not take that course at UoF for credit.

A.    Inter-Program Transfer Credit

For the inter-program transfer credit, the following conditions are applied:

  • For students who are still studying and wish to change their major from one program to another the following policies will apply:
  1. If their CGPA is 2.0 or above, all courses will be accredited for them with their grades and with no change in their ID numbers.
  2. If their CGPA is less than 2.0, the courses with C grades or above will be accredited for them with their grades and with no change in their ID numbers.
  • If students had withdrawn from any program and have applied for re-admission into another program, they can be re-admitted as new students with new ID numbers and courses with C grades or above will be credited for them and Transfer credit (T) will appear on their transcript.