Orientation For Students

Library and Learning Resource Services prepares a Library Orientation for new students.  The goal of this user orientation is to help its patrons gain knowledge in understanding the collection of the Library and its services in diverse formats.  User Orientation includes the library software, library system of classification, accessing information using the e-resource technologies and development of Information Literacy.  The User Orientation for students will support its patrons academically in their studies and research in using the services.

Reserved Books

Any faculty, staff or student can put a library material on RESERVE for future use upon the approval of the Librarian. UoF faculty may place materials for course assignments on reserve in the library.  Students may request these reserved materials from the circulation desk.  All reserved books are for use only in the library unless the faculty member has requested a limited circulation period.


A well-equipped photocopying machines shall be provided to accommodate duplication of materials upon the approval of the librarian or faculty.

Bookshop Services

A bookshop stocked with materials supporting academic studies shall be provided to students who would like to have their own personal copy.  Textbooks shall be included in this collection.

Circulation Services

Library materials in circulation can be borrowed out by its patrons for a period of time and should be returned on or before its due date.  Failure to return the material results to overdue fines.  Circulation services will be automated to accommodate users whether they are in-campus or off-campus.

Inter-Library Loan Services

An Interlibrary Loan Service shall be provided to faculty, staff and student who wish to borrow books or materials in other libraries not available in our Library collection.  Upon payment of its services, the librarian shall ensures a prompt delivery of resources being requested to its patron.  Such service promotes cooperative agreement with other libraries and sharing resources for the academic support in research studies.

Eligible Users

All members of UoF (faculty, students and administrative staff) are eligible to borrow materials from the library upon completion of the library requirements.