UOF Hosts Seminar-Workshop on Outcome-Based Education (OBE)

The University of Fujairah recently hosted a seminar-workshop on “Strategic Implementation of Outcome-Based Education: A Framework for Excellence,” designed by Dr. Burton A. Aggabao, the Executive Director for Quality Assurance and Institutional Research Affairs, who has played a significant role in tailoring, implementing, and evaluating the impact of the delivery of the OBE framework at UOF. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Mohamed Alshami, formally opened the workshop, which was strongly supported by Chancellor Prof. Ghassan Al-Qaimari, both of whom are advocates for outcome-based education (OBE).

Since the University of Fujairah was founded in 2006, Dr. Aggabao has championed OBE as a cornerstone of its educational philosophy. This approach, which emphasizes specific goal-setting regarding the outcomes students are expected to achieve by the end of their courses, has been strategically implemented at UOF. This process, guided by Dr. Aggabao, ensures that educational outcomes align with the evolving needs of the job market and the broader educational standards set by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) and the UAE’s National Qualification Framework, providing reassurance about its relevance and effectiveness.



The seminar-workshop aimed to strengthen OBE’s understanding and effective implementation at the University of Fujairah. Given that OBE requires a systemic approach to educational planning, teaching, and assessment, this training aimed to provide a structured framework that enhances existing educational practices while aligning them with national higher education standards.


Goals and Objectives

The workshop set out to:

  • Ensure that all faculty and academic leaders have a deep and shared understanding of the principles of OBE and how these principles guide teaching, learning, and assessment at UOF.
  • Share and develop strategies that comply with the CAA Standards and are tailored to the University of Fujairah’s specific needs and aspirations.
  • Create a platform for ongoing dialogue on improving educational strategies and outcomes, ensuring that OBE remains dynamic and responsive to UOF’s academic and professional landscape changes.


Expected Outcomes

By the end of the seminar workshop, faculty members were expected to have a reinforced understanding of OBE’s strategic importance and practical tools for its implementation. This included skills in curriculum design, teaching methodologies, and assessment techniques aligned with outcome-based objectives. Faculty members were also better equipped to integrate the principles of the National Qualification Framework into their daily educational practices, thereby enhancing the overall quality and relevance of the academic programs offered at the University of Fujairah.