Books & References

The Library collection will cover the following areas: business, information technology, computer science, accounting, finance, economics, journalism, public relations, E-media, Arabic language and literature, English language, and general holdings. The FU’ Library will have a specialized Reference Section, which contains related journals and conference proceedings, dictionaries, manuals and encyclopedia. Also, The library collection is planned to grow as per programs offered by the university.

The Library shall subscribe core periodical titles (hard copy) in the English and Arabic languages.
The library shall subscribe to relevant online and electronic database. This will give students and staff access to full-text journals and conference proceedings in different disciplines. The E-resources shall include: Databases Digital Collections E-Journals E-Books
The Library will have a number of collection of Audio- Video Cassettes, and Compact Disks (CD’s). The collection will support various topics taught in all degree programs at the university. as well as the English Language Intensive programs.
This collection contains electronic, manuals and software programs.
The Library provides its users with adequate computer terminals connected to the internet available for research and reference studies. Equipment such as photocopying machines, centralized printing machines, projectors, televisions and audio-video recording players VCP will also be provided to support the learning processes. The offers several electronic databases to its users that will be available in-campus or accessible off-campus. These databases will provide an up-to-date full-text articles and journals and e-books that will help students and faculty gain relevant information.
Users will be able to retrieve information on books and articles by Author, Title, Subject, or Category. A subscription to e-resources database providing journals, articles, e-books and professional reports and studies shall constitute an integral part of the library services. There shall be also a library portal wherein users can log-in whether they are in-campus or off-campus in order to search the UoF library catalogue, check if a library material is available, put a book on reserve, re-new items borrowed, request a book for acquisition, and ask library staff for assistance.
FU’s library shall provide internet connection to enable the library clients make use of the online resources for learning and research work. The use of internet will also provide faculty and students vast resources of information essentially important for learning support.
The library’s total area is 72 sq2 designed with proper lighting and ventilation that will be conducive for studying and researching. Its services and collection shall evolve to accommodate the arising needs of students and faculty. The expansion of the library is dependent on the increase of student population and new degree programs. The library has the following facilities: More than thirty seats are allotted to users to give them an opportunity to have their own space and work privately. Ten computers with internet connections and ability to access digital information. An adequate collection of books, journals and other references, and audiovisual materials responsive to the need of students and teaching staff. Carrels are provided and designed to help researchers to have a comfortable private study while using the library resources. New student orientation is more than just testing and registration.It is a chance to meet fellow students, to learn what is expected of students in their classes, what is expected of students for graduation, to learn the university policies and procedures, and to get hands-on practice in using the library and information technology resources. It is an opportunity for students to experience the UoF community.